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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Jay Cooke State Park

I just remembered I had some pictures to post of my visit to Jay Cooke State Park near Duluth last weekend. The fall colors were, overall, pretty good, although the park rangers who wrote up the report for the park on the DNR website made them sound better than I found them to be.

In any case, it was another fun visit to a state park. If you're not familar with Jay Cooke State Park, very briefly, I give you a little descrption. It's situated about 15 miles to the south-southwest of downtown Duluth. The beautiful St. Louis River flows through the middle of the park and is the primary attraction. The river features very deep canyons and raging rapids and waterfalls, though a calmer section of it is also located within the park's boundaries. The park also features miles and miles of hiking trails, most of which follow the path of the river.

Take a look at these pictures I took:

Although not every tree had changed, there were some pretty vibrant colors near Oldenburg Point

The view from Oldenburg Point

Giant rocks made of slate are exposed all over the park, particularly near the river

Trees weren't the only vegetation changing colors

Along the river, after crossing the swinging bridge

The colors along the river

This was taken while standing atop a large rock overlooking the river

The rock used to get the picture seen above

More rocks and colorful trees

Yellow trees

An overview of what the river looks like after crossing the swinging bridge

Some more rocks that people were standing on alongside the river

A very, very soothing part of the river. The water here was trickling very slowly and gently over the rocks, sounding like one of those machines that people buy to help them sleep

A calmer section of the river, as evidenced by the reflection of the trees in the water

More reflections in the water

The swinging bridge to get across the river. It can make you dizzy if you go across when alot of other people are on it, because it really does move alot, especially in the very middle.

A view south of the bridge

A view north of the bridge

Many wildflowers were still in full bloom

Canoeists on the calmer part of the St. Louis River

A view from the scenic overlook off of MN Highway 23. This land is still within the park's boundaries.

Another view from the scenic overlook

A purely accidental shot along the highway. I was going to take just a picture of the railroad yard with the buildings of downtown Duluth in the background, but ended up clicking my camera at precisely the same time as I passed the Duluth sign along the highway.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. The DNR does, as I sent some pictures in from this and my last trip to look at fall colors and they were all published onto their fall colors website.


Blogger Rick said...

Great pictures Mitch, I know you will enjoy these trips with your mother as you become you look back in the years to come. Thank you for sharing them with me.

Uncle Rick :)

Wed Oct 13, 10:07:00 PM CDT  

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