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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Late September Doldrums

My life seems to have become quite mundane and monotonous since the last time I posted. I am now extremely comfortable with my weekly class schedule and know what to expect in all of my courses. As a matter of fact, I have now taken at least one test in every one of my non-lab classes. And with the exception of physics, I scored on an A on every one. So, with regard to my courses, there’s not too much I can complain about. As for the monotony, I hope to break that next weekend by taking a weekend-long trip to Winnipeg, a city I had always intended to visit last year. I need to take advantage of the fact that I live only a little more than two hours away from the largest city in Manitoba and the largest city in the 1700 miles between Toronto and Calgary.

After spending all last year deriding the website and questioning why it is so hugely successful, I finally got on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been surprised with how much I’ve enjoyed and become addicted to it so far. There’s definitely a lot less sleaze than at Myspace, the only other social-networking website I have any familiarity with. As a matter of fact, Myspace is one website I never intend to sign up for a membership at. All in all, though, what I’ve liked most about Facebook so far is the ability to catch up with friends from high school that I haven’t spoken with for more than a year.

Actually, through the use of some tracking code that only I have the ability to view, I did see that a few visitors to this blog in the last week have been lured here from the link I put up on my Facebook profile. If you are a new visitor, don’t be shy and reluctant to post a comment or something. It should be pretty apparent that this place is in need of some rejuvenation. Visitor levels have been quite flat since the beginning of this year, due, in part, I assume to the frequent gaps I have in between postings. One thing that I hope may alleviate this problem is the reemergence of the Moblog – a feature I’ve always enjoyed but let fall to the wayside nearly a year ago. It isn’t that I’ve stopped going on spur-of-the-moment photo shoots, it’s just that I’ve been too lazy to edit and shrink my photos down to the size needed for posting. With that said, however, starting today, I hope to have the Moblog regularly updated. The first photo featured on there is one of the fireworks that lit up the UND campus two weeks ago during the annual Potato Bowl week in Grand Forks.

Something that would be perfect for inclusion on the Moblog would be a picture of the magnificent yellow and golden colors that the cottonwood trees that line University Avenue – UND’s primary thoroughfare – should start turning sometime in the next couple weeks. While most of the other types of trees on campus have already begun displaying vibrant hues and shedding their leaves, the cottonwoods are a stubborn bunch and usually retain their green leaves for a longer time than others. I got some pictures of them when they finally did turn colors last fall, but I didn’t get the picture that I am currently envisioning in my mind. I also didn’t get my new, immeasurably better, camera until late last October either, so all of the pictures I did take of the fall colors on campus last fall were with my old camera. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out with my new camera this year and take the exact picture I want.

I still will have a post with the aerial photography that I talked about last time – I just don’t know right now when I will have the chance to write it up. In the meantime, you can keep stopping by to see if I’ve made any updates to the Moblog. I do appreciate your continued visitation!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh don't be so morose, winter will soon be here. sw

Wed Oct 04, 02:53:00 PM CDT  

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