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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Spring Schedule

I’m dropping in again to say that I picked out all the courses I’m going to be taking next semester. Actually, I did it a few weeks ago, but I just haven’t had the ambition to write anything about it until now. And that’s only because I really don’t want to start studying for the 5 finals I have to take in the first three days of next week.

At any rate, my schedule for next semester will go as follows:

8:00-8:50 – Chemistry 342, Organic Chemistry II (M,T,W,F)
9:00-9:50 – Math 265, Calculus III (M,T,R,F)
10:00-10:50 – Physics 252, University Physics II (M,T,W,F)
11:00-11:50 – German 308, Second Semester German III (M,W,F)
12: 00-15:00 – Organic Chemistry II Lab (T)
15:00-17:00 – University Physics II Lab (W)

All in all, not that interesting of a schedule. I’m going to like being done with class at noon again on Mondays and Fridays, and I’ll also really like having 5 hours of lab spread out over two days rather than having 5 hours of lab all in one evening. What I won’t like is not being able to guiltlessly sleep in on Thursdays, since – unlike this semester – I will have a class on Thursday mornings. I’ll continue to have just one class on that day, however.

Chemistry and physics next semester should more or less be a continuation of the chemistry and physics courses I took this semester. At least with regard to the subject matter; I will have different professors for each class, so I’m expecting teaching styles to be vastly different. And based on what I’ve heard, I’m also expecting there to be a lot more homework for both of these classes.

German next semester will be with the same professor as I have this year, so it should pretty much be exactly the same – I doubt I’ll have any problem with it. In some ways, German II here last year was harder than German III this year because the professor I had for German II emphasized listening and speaking activities much more than the professor I have for German III does.

Calculus III is a class I should have taken this semester, but I opted not to so that I could take Meteorology I in the evening this semester. Needless to say, I’ll be going into the last math class I need to take without the benefit of having had any math class in the past 7 months. Being as calc has never given me any problems before, I think I’ll be fine, but it’s hard to say right now.

Speaking of meteorology, I wanted to take ATSC 240 – Meteorological Instrumentation – next semester, but I couldn’t because it meets at the same time as German III. The only other meteorology class that I would have met the prerequisites for would have been ATSC 231 – Aviation Meteorology. Although I could fit that class into my schedule, I’m not going to. Taking it would mean I would have to deal with having 19 credits and being a non-aviation student in a class specifically geared for aviation students. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to fit the fall-only ATSC 210 – Meteorology II – into my schedule for the 2007 fall semester.

That’s all I have for right now; I suppose I should get to work on studying for those 5 finals.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck on your finals.

Tue Dec 12, 12:27:00 PM CST  

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