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Monday, July 30, 2007

2007 Vacation: Day 3 Summary

Day 3 Summary
Dickinson, North Dakota to Glendive, Montana

Once again, day 3 of my 2007 vacation was similar to day 3 of my 2006 vacation, so I’ll direct you to the report I wrote last year.

One difference between 2006 and 2007 was the amount of time I spent looking around Dickinson. This year, I visited the Dickinson Dam on the west end of town as well as the campus of Dickinson State University.

The dam was located very near to the reservoir I visited in Dickinson last year, so the scenery was largely the same. Still, I once more enjoyed being near a lake – even if it was man-made – in the largely lake-free southwestern corner of North Dakota.

I don’t know what made me want to check out DSU, but I saw a sign along Villard Street (the old Highway 10) in Dickinson pointing toward it, luring me there. The campus turned out to be quite a nice place containing beautiful, old buildings as well as a fairly significant green space. My favorite site, however, turned out to be the International Flag Plaza and Walk of Pride next to the Student Center. The fairly new site consisted of a brick walkway, lined with memorial bricks purchased by alumni and friends of the university, as well as over a couple dozen flagpoles containing flags from all over the world. As a nearby plaque described, there is a flag displayed for each country that an international student at DSU comes from. As it turned out, I chose a good day to see all the flags, since there was a fairly significant breeze causing them to flap around.

After seeing DSU, it was time to head west toward the badlands around Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The scenery was just as great as last year in this area.

Something I found interesting was how empty the tourist trap town of Medora appeared to be when I passed through this year. Sure, there were still people buying knick-knacks in the shops or walking around the city’s streets, but, as tourist traps go, it wasn’t all that crowded. Perhaps it was just because I visited on a Tuesday; weekends probably see a lot of people on day trips to the area.

The drive from Medora to Glendive hadn’t changed much from 2006, so, once again, see last year's report. The oasis of Glendive served as the place where day 3 of my vacation came to an end.


The Dickinson Dam

Some interesting rocks near the dam

The following eight pictures were taken on the campus of Dickinson State University


Jamaica, Republic of Macedonia, Nepal (left to right)

DSU's Student Center

DSU's King Pavilion

The entrance to DSU

The following four pictures were taken on the road in the badlands east of Medora

Beware of cattle

The Medora post office

No trip out here woul dbe complete without making a stop to see the view at the Painted Canyon Visitors Center right off of Interstate 94

A coal train going to Superior, WI ascends the grueling hill east of Medora

The Yellowstone County courthouse in Beach, ND

The landscape north of Beach and about a mile east of the Montana/North Dakota border

One of the most prominent natural landmarks near Beach is Sentinel Butte, which stands at an elevation of 3430 feet above sea level

One of the first billboards eastbound travelers along Interstate 94 see upon arriving in North Dakota is this one for Medora, which is about 25 miles straight ahead


At the Dickinson Dam

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